Grace Notes    Music Therapy

Music therapy with veterans

Music Therapy formally began after World War I and World War II when community musicians of all types, both amateur and professional, went to Veterans hospitals around the country to play for the thousands of veterans suffering both physical and emotional trauma from the wars. The patients' notable physical and emotional responses to music led the doctors and nurses to request the hiring of musicians by the hospitals. It was soon evident that the hospital musicians needed some prior training before entering the facility and so the demand grew for a college curriculum of Music Therapy.

Gina Willette, CDP, HPMT, MT-BC comes from a very big military family. Gina proudly supports all Veterans and is honored to work with them.

Music therapy can help with PTSD and can help bring closure for veterans at end-of-life. Gina has been trained in the program "We Honor Veterans" and is happy to help educate the community about Veteran needs and benefits.