Grace Notes    Music Therapy

"Amazing" is the best word I can find to describe music therapy and "compassionate" is the word to describe Gina and her approach to her calling. I cannot call it her job; for her it is so much more. I worked in a Skilled Nursing Facility and witnessed Gina develop a music therapy program. She directed a resident Chime Choir. The residents were each given a chime and Gina would point to each resident in turn for their "note" and next we knew, there was beautiful music being created. The truly wonderful thing about this chime choir was that Gina included residents that I had never seen interact with anyone. Residents that were non-verbal, in their own world, were able to come out of the stupor and participate, be part of a group and enjoy the music. I truly cannot say enough positive things about Music Therapy and Gina. Not only do I believe that music therapy is an amazing asset and fulfilling experience for both families and patients, I equally believe that Gina is one of the most special, caring and talented people to allow into your life during a time of need." - Denise Pelletier, Physical Therapy Assistant

"Gina and I have worked co-facilitating therapy sessions for many years now. As a clinical social worker who has worked with a wide spectrum of clients, from young children to the dying, I have found Gina's expertise as a music therapist to promote overall well-being and healing. I have witnessed the meaningful connection, decreasing pain and suffering, and supporting clients in reaching their goals. Her ability to empower clients creatively in expression of their feelings fosters personal growth. The level of perfessionalism, skill, experience and training is clearly reflected in the quality of  music therapy Gina provides to her patients, families, and community." - Kara Beth Joseph, LICSW, ACHP-SW

Music Therapy Testimonials

" I worked with Gina in a long-term care facility. Occupational and Physical Therapy shared a room with Music Therapy. At first, we wondered how we would make it work. But it did not take long to see how blending these therapies helped each one of our patients. A patient may not find exercising exciting, but add music therapy, and it brought out the best in the patients. The patients would tap their feet, or tap their hands. They would complete a whole exercise routine to the music either sitting or standing, depending on their ability.  The music that Gina incorporated allowed the patients to become less tense and increased their participation in their therapy program." - Nancy Shorette, Physical Therapy Assistant

" My mother was 99 years old and nearing the end of her life, when I was asked if Mom would like a music therapist to visit her.  I had my misgivings as to how much that would be appreciated by my mother. Mom was not very musically inclined. However, to my surprise, Mom loved Gina's visits. Gina sang and played her guitar and Mom would sing along. Gina has a vast repertoire of music and she was able to choose songs that were appropriate to my mother's earlier life. At times, again to my surprise, Mom would even request certain songs. These music therapy visits certainly made a very stressful time in my mother's life, as well as my life, much easier to deal with. After my mother died, Gina was still there for us. It should be noted that Gina's caring and friendly personality was always evident and much appreciated by the entire family." - Edward Smola

" When my father was at the last hours of his life, Gina was there doing music therapy with my dad and all the family was with him. Her caring and gentle ways were incredible. She passed an ocean drum to us so that one-by-one we could play this and hear the calming sounds of the ocean and she sang. You could see the calming and peaceful effect that this had on all of us. You could even see my dad's breathing change to a very slow and peaceful manner. I truly believe that my dad's final hours on this earth were made special and soothing for him due to Gina's caring and loving music. I really do not know how I could have managed through this difficult time without her. " - Susan Burgess